Transexuals Escorts

Having a fetish for any sexual requirement is a very common thing in all the men. In fact all the men can have this kind of fetish and some of those fetishes could be very uncommon compared to the regular one. Attraction for beautiful transexuals women is one of those fetishes that are very uncommon and a taboo also in many people. But this is a fact that many men show attraction toward beautiful transexuals women and to satisfy their fetish needs, they hire many transexuals escorts as well. The most surprising thing in this situation is that even those men can show attraction toward transexuals escorts that already have a very beautiful and sexy girlfriend.

If you are wondering about the reasons because of which men can show attraction toward bisexual women, then this is really a tricky question. We do not have any straight answer for this question because relatively very few studies are conducted on this subject and that’s is why no one know the exact answer for this question. However, if you will talk to escorts that give company

to these men then you might get some answers for same. All the escorts believe that some men want something extra in their pleasure activities and normally they do not get that extra with a beautiful straight girl. However, if they spend their time with transexuals escorts, then they do get that extra and needless to say they get a lot of pleasure also in that extra thing.

At the other hand if you will talk to those beautiful girls that are living with those men that are attracted toward transexuals women or escorts, then these beautiful girls may have a completely different opinion. Unlike escorts, most of the beautiful girls would not relate the word with pleasure thing. Instead of that they would call that man as a gay or bisexual. In their statement beautiful girls would say that if a man is bisexual in his nature, but he don’t wish to accept his fetish for men, then he would say he is attracted toward transexuals women. I agree that this attraction of men toward transexuals escorts or women can be considered as attraction toward a man that has some feminine qualities in him.

Other than escorts and beautiful girls, we can take opinion from other people as well and they all will have different opinion for same. If you will talk to normal people for same, then they would say these men are no well and they need expert’s assistance for their mental care. And some experts may have completely different opinion for this because they know all the people can have different fetishes and desire for beautiful and transexuals escorts can be one of them. So, at this time I cannot come up with any straight forward opinion about those men that are attracted transexuals escorts instead of beautiful women, but I am sure in near future experts will do more research on the same subject and then we will be able to come up with an opinion for same.

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